We are Young Life College

We are a community spread across the campuses of ASU West, ASU Downtown, and Glendale Community College. We have fun, we build meaningful relationships, we organize service projects, and we share the love of Jesus. 

Here are some of the main things
we do as a community

tuesday club

Every Tuesday we have club at ASU West. It's a time  where students get to hit pause on their week for a couple hours, connect with each other and meet new people. We talk about life, play games, hear a meaningful talk from one of our Staff leaders, have a time of worship, and occasionally have a spontaneous dance party. Club is open to students from any walk of life and is a fun time we look forward to every week.


A number of our students are in smaller mentoring groups lead by Staff or Committee Members. It's a place where students can be open about their lives and receive encouragement and challenge from a mature leader that cares about them.


4-5 times throughout the school year we participate in a time of worship as ASU West. Coalesce is a collaboration between several area churches that organize a time of worship, reflection, and short message from God's Word. The churches that help organize these nights are Hope Church, Pure Heart Christian Fellowship, Calvary, and New City Church.

College Weekend

Every year in October we take a retreat to Lost Canyon Camp in Williams, AZ. This is one of the biggest weekends of the year where students hear the gospel and have the opportunity to give their lives to Christ. The weekend feels like one big party with music, skits, games, and plenty of outdoor activities. Learn how you can provide a scholarship for a student to attend this amazing weekend.

Urban Plunge

We also have an annual service project to help a local elementary or middle school. Projects depend on the school's needs but often times it involves paining, landscaping, sports clinics for the kids, and a BBQ for the neighborhood. The Urban Plunge is typically a weekend-long project and is great for our students as well as the school we serve.


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What we're up to.